Tom Daley interview: I considered hip surgery like Andy Murray

Tom Daley interview: I considered hip surgery like Andy Murray

And so, shortly afterwards, Daley began a four-month career break which would not see him return to diving until mid-September. Instead he focused on doing things he enjoyed: yoga, spin classes or going for hikes in California while waiting for his son to be born. There was also an emphasis on returning his body to full health, including taking up gyrotonics, a training method favoured by Murray. “If you were to Google it, it kind of looks like ancient torture devices,” quips Daley. “It’s intense.”

Gyrotonics is certainly that. A combination of elements derived from from yoga, dance, gymnastics, swimming and t’ai chi, Daley undergoes weekly sessions for up to two hours at a time, part of a wider overhaul in his attitude to general recovery which he admits he had previously underestimated. 

Of all the changes Daley experienced, however, there was one that had the most profound effect on rebooting his diving career: the arrival in June of son Robert Ray, named in honour of his late father, who died in 2011 from a brain tumour, aged just 40. 

“His arrival massively impacted upon my decision to carry on diving. In the first three weeks, I couldn’t think about anything other than trying to get as much sleep as I could in and around Robbie napping,” recalls Daley.

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