Trisha Donnelly at Air de Paris (Contemporary Art Daily)



Artist: Trisha Donnelly

Venue: Air de Paris

Exhibition Title: Jean Painlevé

Date: November 17, 2018 – January 19, 2019

Press release and link available after the jump.


Image courtesy of Air de Paris

Press Release:

Fewer Images, More Light

We’re not going to tell you again about Trisha Donnelly’s rejection of the press kit – that standard presentation whose illustrations give everything away in advance.

Instead, we’re simply inviting you along to her exhibition.

Trisha grew up in California; now she lives and works in New York – and wherever she’s exhibiting. This is her fifth solo show with us since she first came to Air de Paris in 2002.

She discovered Jean Painlevé’s films at school – like Michel Houellebecq, who was exhibiting here at the same time as the second part of our Painlevé series. The third part is vintage photos, mainly from the 1930s, of insects, small crustaceans and marine creatures, and we’re scheduling her with that.

Why not? After all, both Trisha Donnelly and Jean Painlevé are adventurers of the image.

Link: Trisha Donnelly at Air de Paris

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