Two more Isil brides stripped of British citizenship

Two more Isil brides stripped of British citizenship

Two more jihadi brides who joined Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant are believed to have been stripped of their UK citizenship while living in a refugee camp in Syria.

The disclosure came as a row intensified over the death of a three-week-old baby whose mother Shamima Begum had been stripped of her British citizenship.

Reema Iqbal, 30, along with her sister Zara Iqbal, 28, are mothers of five children between them, and are also in a camp. Legal sources told the Sunday Times that the sisters have had their citizenship removed after marrying into a terror cell linked to the execution of western hostages.

A decision to remove their citizenship will fuel fears over what happens to the children of jihadi brides.

The two women left Newham in London in 2013 for the co-called Isil caliphate. At least one of their sons was born in the UK and was taken to Syria.

The women’s parents are originally from Pakistan, and the Home Office could pursue the argument that they are Pakistani nationals.

Last month Reema Iqbal told The Telegraph she was hopeful of returning to the UK.

She said: “The security services came to speak to me and I was honest, I told them my whole story so now it’s up to them to judge. I don’t know if my Mum ever got me a Pakistani passport or not, I’ve never been to Pakistan.

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