‘Unacceptable’ slow play has become ‘an epidemic’

'Unacceptable' slow play has become 'an epidemic'

Rory McIlroy has taken aim at the PGA Tour, accusing it of allowing the curse of slow play to become “an epidemic”. The Irishman wants action to be taken, yet has no faith in golf’s disciplinarians enforcing the rules.

With trademark honesty, McIlroy said what so many of his colleagues are thinking when asked about the glacial pace at the Players Championship at Sawgrass.

It took well north of five hours for him to complete his second-round 65, but the groupings were actually around quicker than on Thursday, when play was suspended due to darkness, with India’s Anirban Lahiri still to finish his round. It all left McIlroy bemused and angry.

“The fact that someone didn’t finish yesterday, just being through daylight savings and the tee-times and someone had to come out today because there wasn’t enough light to finish, I mean, that’s unacceptable,” McIlroy said.

“This is five hours and 40 minutes after our tee-time. I get that it can take five hours to play out there, but it shouldn’t take any over that. They don’t do anything about it. It’s become somewhat of an epidemic on Tour.

“Honestly, I think they should just be a little tougher and start penalising shots earlier and that would be an easy way to fix it.”

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