Venezuela’s ‘interim president’ asks Bank of England to stop Nicolas Maduro accessing $1.3 billion gold

Venezuela's 'interim president' asks Bank of England to stop Nicolas Maduro accessing $1.3 billion gold

Mr Maduro has had the door slammed in his face by Canada, Australia, Israel and a host of Latin nations, including Colombia, Chile, Argentina and Brazil, who have all followed the US lead and recognised Mr Guadio.

Several EU countries have further said that Mr Maduro has eight days to call elections and end the stand-off, or else they will back Mr Guaido.

Britain is yet to formally recognise Mr Guaido, but last week Jeremy Hunt, the foreign secretary, said Mr Guaido was “the right person to take Venezuela forward”.

Sir Alan also hit out at Labour MPs who wrote a joint letter to The Guardian, criticising the “far-Right” governments of the US and Brazil, and saying they offer “no hope” to Venezuela.

The letter, signed by shadow chancellor John McDonnell and shadow home secretary Diane Abbott, alongside other Labour MPs, individuals and campaigners, insisted there is “no justification for backing the US attempt at regime change under way” and backed the call for dialogue from the Mexican and Bolivian presidents.

Jorge Arreaza, Venezuela’s foreign minister, on Monday backed the talks suggested last week by Mexico and Bolivia, saying: “We’re even willing to meet with the devil so that we have sovereignty and peace.”

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