‘Vulnerable’ young woman ‘pimped out’ to men in care scandal still not received welfare plan, judge reveals  

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An “incredibly vulnerable” young woman who was ‘pimped out’ to men in a social care scandal has still not received a welfare plan, a judge has said.

The 23-year-old woman, who has learning difficulties and is obsessed with men and sex, is currently in the care of Rochdale Borough Council.

However today a specialist court heard that council social services staff need to explain why a care plan – which should have been in place three-months-ago – has not been implemented.

Details of her case emerged in October when The Times reported that the young autistic woman, who cannot be identified, was allowed to have sex with numerous men because her carers were said to believe that high-risk encounters with strangers might help her to “learn from her mistakes”.

Relatives of the young woman accused care authorities of approving an “experiment” that led to the “pimping out of a highly vulnerable young woman”.

Mr Justice Hayden, who is overseeing the case at hearings in the Court of Protection in London, said that an integrated plan which covers health, education and care was recommended by a specialist in December and is key to the woman’s welfare.

However he added that the new care plan has still not been put into practice and he is keen to know why.

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