West Indies vs England, third Test day two: live score updates

West Indies vs England, third Test day two: live score updates

Here’s Nick Hoult in St Lucia with more on that:

“It was lucky I hadn’t taken my pads off,” said Ben Stokes, as he reflected on being dragged out of the dressing room to resume his innings on a day of grind and hard work for England’s struggling batsmen.

Stokes was sat in the changing room and about to take his pads off having been caught and bowled for 52 by Alzarri Joseph when the third umpire overturned the dismissal for the bowler fractionally overstepping.

The laws state a player can be recalled until the next ball is bowled, and so Stokes was told by the officials to get back out and bat. It could be a pivotal moment in this Test as Stokes and Jos Buttler took England to the close of a turgid first day on 231-4, with a chance of controlling the match.

“It’s a first for me and it’s probably something they need to get control of. In international cricket you shouldn’t be walking off, getting into the changing rooms, and then back out there two minutes later,” said Stokes. “Thank God for technology. I was just sat in my chair and when I heard the shouting I thought someone had got out first ball. It was a good job I didn’t take my pads off.”

I’ll be here for the entire day (which could be a long one going by yesterday’s over rate) for all the action. Can England get themselves a commanding total? They bat quite deep and are in a decent position to do so at least. Not often you have been able to say that this series.  

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