We’ve all Marie Kondoed our homes… now upgrade your storage for what’s left

We've all Marie Kondoed our homes... now upgrade your storage for what's left

The entrance hall of a home is often a culprit for unruly clutter, and is also the first part of your house that you see when you get back after a long day. If you’re habitually greeted by a messy pile of shoes, imagine the joy that could be sparked by the sight of neat rows of footwear stacked in pigeonhole boxes. 

John Lewis stocks Neatfreak’s stackable shoe cubby, which will instantly tidy up a hallway, while new British brand Morfus, launched by architect Tim Williams, specialises in sustainably made, modular storage furniture that is particularly well suited to corridor clutter. The Benji system of interlocking plywood boxes is perfect for minimalist hallway storage, and easily assembled in your choice of layout – making it a good option for maximising space in an under-stairs alcove.

In other rooms of the house, when buying new furniture, look for hard-working pieces with integrated storage. For the sitting room, ottomans are currently having a moment, particularly those upholstered in velvet, and when they come with hidden storage compartments, they make a neater alternative to a coffee table; put a tray on the top to hold cups and glasses. Sofas and side tables are available with hidden storage, and Loaf’s Smuggler headboard also does the job of a bedside table and bookcase, with slide-out shelves for holding drinks, and cubby holes to hide books and magazines.

If you don’t have the space or budget for large pieces of furniture and built-in shelving, there are plenty of small, quick fixes around that will make a big difference. With the right kit, any space, however small, can be transformed into a storage solution: over-the-door organisers can hold shoes or accessories, and a drawer on castors can turn the wasteland under the bed into a model of orderliness.

Stella Monteiro, storage sales leader at Ikea in the UK, is a fan of the company’s Skadis pegboard, “a brilliant way to organise any room in the home thanks to its customisable storage add-ons, guaranteed to make arranging your belongings more enjoyable”. Fixed to a kitchen wall, it can hold utensils and ingredients on clip-on hooks, pots and shelves; hung above a desk in a home office, it will organise messy stationery, as well as holding pictures and moodboards for inspiration. Monteiro also recommends the 365+ range of storage jars with bamboo lids, which “make cupboard organisation a breeze”.

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