what I learnt from Thierry Henry and Princess Di

Love and money have a complicated relationship. 

In your teens, 20s and 30s, devising the perfect date is all important. Striking the balance between thoughtful and generous is a minefield and of course, there’s the burning question of who pays…

This week on the Telegraph’s It’s Your Money podcast, Laura and Sam spoke to dating expert Hayley Quinn for the best way to snare a mate without breaking the bank.

They also dived inside the mind of hot shot lawyer Sandra Davis, who has handled some of the most high-profile divorces of all time, including Jerry Hall, Arsenal legend Thierry Henry and Princess Diana. 

She revealed some of the oddest things the rich and famous fight over in court, and explained why a pre-nup is a good way to double-check your beloved is all they say they are before you take the ultimate plunge.

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Two become one: why it pays to get together

Once in a stable relationship the financial perks are many.

Mortgages and bills are halved, and inflated wine bar prices are replaced with thrifty bargains from the supermarket.  The government provides an extra perk through the marriage allowance, while spouses are able to transfer assets between them, cutting tax bills even further.

Better still is the enormous inheritance tax break offered to married couples and civil partners. Surviving spouses can inherit their partner’s estate tax free while a couple’s beneficiaries will receive more because double the allowance can be used.

By 2020-21, a couple will be able a pass on £1m entirely tax free. An unmarried person’s estate, on the other hand will be subject to 40pc death duty on assets in excess of £500,000. It’s not sexy, but your children will thank you for it.

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