What is Theresa May’s Brexit Plan B and when will Parliament vote on it?

What is Theresa May's Brexit Plan B and when will Parliament vote on it?

Theresa May is under pressure to come up with an alternative Brexit deal that will win support from MPs across the political spectrum, following her humiliating defeat in the House of Commons on Tuesday 15 January. 

Brexiteer MPs have called on the Prime Minister to simply walk away from the negotiations and embrace a ‘no deal’ scenario, but the she is determined to somehow push through the Withdrawal Agreement. 

Meanwhile, the European Union says it is now solely up to Mrs May and MPs to agree on a counter-proposal to the Brexit deal they rejected, with negotiations only reopening once this is achieved. 

When will Mrs May reveal her Plan B?

Under the terms of an amendment by Dominic Grieve, the anti-Brexit Tory rebel, Mrs May is obligated to table a motion with her counter-proposal by Monday 21 January.

It remains unclear what the details of this proposal would be, but it is likely Mrs May will need to pivot towards a softer Brexit to coax Labour MPs into offering their support. 

It is also doubtful that the time-consuming process of drawing up a new Brexit deal that sates the appetites of most MPs can be done without extending Article 50. 

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