What time is the Brexit ‘meaningful vote’ in Parliament tomorrow, and what will happen if Theresa May’s deal is rejected?

What time is the Brexit 'meaningful vote' in Parliament tomorrow, and what will happen if Theresa May's deal is rejected?

None of which will be big enough to change the minds of most Brexiteer MPs. They might, however, reduce the size of the rebellion and thus make the two vote strategy viable again.

What happens if MPs do not pass it?

The original plan, once it became clear the Government would lose the vote at the first attempt, was to try again a few days later. The expectation was that Mrs May would try and negotiate a few concessions from the EU, while market turmoil would spook MPs and make them think again. Although, with traders being fully aware of the plan and so “pricing it in”, the odds of a major shift in the markets looked slim. 

While the “renegotiation” will now happen ahead of the vote, Downing Street may still need more than one attempt to get it through Parliament.

In the intervening period between a first and second attempt to pass the deal, Labour would probably try and force a general election. This would be very difficult because of the Fixed Term Parliament Act and would require Conservative MPs to help topple their own government.

If and when that attempt fails, Labour might try and secure a vote for a second referendum. This would still require support from Tory MPs but would likely be easier than forcing a general election. Those efforts were boosted on Monday by the European Court of Justice ruling that the UK can revoke Article 50 unilaterally.

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