what to watch this Red Nose Day

what to watch this Red Nose Day

With Red Nose Day just around the corner, it’s time to start preparing for Comic Relief 2019. That means checking your bank balance, clearing your schedule and getting ready for a TV binge.

This Friday we’re going to be hit by a deluge of comedy content, featuring more stars than the average galaxy. The night will be divided into segments, which will air from 7pm-10pm on BBC1, 10pm-10:35pm on BBC2, then return to BBC1 from 10:35pm-12:30am.

So buckle up for this bonanza of entertainment. Here are some of the highlights to expect from Comic Relief 2019.

Mamma Mia! Here We Go (Yet) Again

7pm-10pm, BBC1

Apparently, there are still drops of joy to be squeezed out of the Mamma Mia franchise. Ten years ago, Jennifer Saunders amused the public with her Meryl Streep-inspired dance moves. A decade on, this comedy legend is joined by Alan Carr, Philip Glenister, Miranda Hart, Sue Perkins and Carey Mulligan, to stage the sequel to her original parody.

While the cynics might mutter, “Thank You For The Music but I think I’ve actually had enough now,” one thing cannot be denied: Britain has an insatiable appetite for ABBA.

Expect appearances from Gemma Arterton, Susan Calman, Tom Hollander, Rose Johnson, Lucy and Joe Thomas in this star-studded spoof.

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