What’s new for F1 in 2019? Six changes for the season ahead

What's new for F1 in 2019? Six changes for the season ahead

Every new season in Formula One brings changes in regulation and format. Some are more successful than others. Some are more significant than others. Remember the failed elimination qualifying format in 2016? It lasted all of two races before it was rejected. 

For 2019, though, there a handful of significant changes which F1 bosses hope will improve the sport, based around creating better racing, making the sport simpler and leveling the playing field.  

But what, how and why? Here we look at some of the most significant changes for the 2019 season and assess their prospects. 

Less complex front wings to help improve racing

Not only were the 2018 specification front wings incredibly ugly, they also contributed to making the racing spectacle worse. When F1 began its misguided quest to make cars three to four seconds a lap faster, extra aerodynamic performance and bigger tyres was the way it went about it. 

Okay, the 2017 and 2018 cars were fast (how fast is fast enough?) and impressive in high-speed corners but the extra downforce created more “dirty air” in the car’s wake. This meant that following closely behind was difficult, unless you wanted to destroy your tyres sliding around every corner with little grip. Understandably few drivers did. 

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