‘When the work-life balance grinds to a halt, family has to come first’

‘When the work-life balance grinds to a halt, family has to come first’

My family likes to sleep in. Kit might get up at 6.30am to play games, but by 7.30am, the rest of us are often still waking up.

The kids eat something different for breakfast every day – but I’m pathetically loyal to bread with peanut butter and Marmite, and a cup of PG Tips with sugar. I’ve eaten this daily for the last decade. We’re a big family, and about to be even bigger as I’m pregnant with our fifth child (I’m due this month), so breakfast times can be noisy.

My eldest, Sonny, goes off to school at 8.15am and our nanny arrives at around that time. Kit and Ray are in primary school, while Jesse is at nursery, so we divvy up the school run.

My days are varied: I might have an interview or be filming, and we’re also getting work done on the house, but after school, I spend time with the kids.

We listen to music – either Radio 6 or, if they have their way, the Ghostbusters theme tune or the Moana soundtrack – and they dance in the playroom, where there are disco lights and a smoke machine. I usually cook something quick like pasta or Mexican, then we sit down together to eat. 

If I have an evening performance in London, I often don’t leave the house until 9.30pm and put the kids to bed first. But I feel like a weird superhero as I change into my costume, set my hair in curlers and apply my false eyelashes (I swear by Ardell Wispies). I do my own hair and make-up, as it’s how I mentally prepare.

My husband, Rich, plays bass in my band, and he played on my new album, so we spend more time together than your average couple. After a show, we’ll watch television to unwind, but often I fall asleep before the end. Tragic!

Sophie’s new album, ‘The Song Diaries’, is released on 15 March

Sophie’s Five life lessons 

  1. Rejection sucks, but once you’ve had things not work out a few times, you’re bolder for it. 
  2. There will never be a perfect time to have a baby, so if it’s what you want, go for it.
  3. Trust your instincts, particularly if there is no right or wrong answer. 
  4. When the work-life balance grinds to a halt, family has to come first.
  5.  I’m a big believer in, if something isn’t  broken, don’t fix it.

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