Who will Arsenal and Chelsea face? 

Who will Arsenal and Chelsea face? 

Following trips across Europe to far-flung locations like Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Greece, Arsenal and Chelsea have remained unscathed in this year’s Europa League. 

After comprehensive wins on Thursday night, they are both in the proverbial hat for the quarter-finals and could be drawn against one another, as today’s draw is completely open and unseeded. 

Facing one another – Napoli aside – would probably be both Arsenal and Chelsea’s worst-case scenario. The rest of the draw has some awkward opponents, but none who boast quality like Eden Hazard, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Alexandre Lacazette et al. 

A reminder of the eight quarter-finalists:

  • Arsenal (ENG)
  • Benfica (POR)
  • Chelsea (ENG)
  • Eintracht Frankfurt (GER)
  • Napoli (ITA)
  • Slavia Prague (CZE)
  • Valencia (ESP)
  • Villarreal (ESP)

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