Why F1 got it wrong with fastest lap rule change

Why F1 got it wrong with fastest lap rule change

As Formula One bosses continue to try to improve the quality of racing, we are likely to be faced with plenty of changes in the next few seasons.

Rules, regulations, camera angles, format changes and a few gimmicks will come and go.  Some will work, others will not. Some will be radical, most will not. 

The recent news that a point will be awarded to a driver (and constructor) setting the fastest race lap seemed to be a sensible development. Previously we have had the “DHL fastest lap award”, something every driver surely covets. Giving the fastest lap not just status but substance is fine. 

But to qualify for the point, you have to finish in the top 10. It perhaps seems that they want to avoid a driver running at the back of the field, coming into the pits towards the end of the race to bolt on the softest compound tyres and going flat out for the final few laps to score a point, despite finishing 17th and miles away from the top 10. 

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