‘Why haven’t more high-profile white players come out against racism?’

'Why haven't more high-profile white players come out against racism?'

“But when it was Raheem Sterling, when it was my brother, when it was the incident with Aubameyang, I didn’t hear mention about points getting deducted. So you tell me what that says? That paints the picture right there. ‘Oh, it’s all right to be racist, we can just give them a fine and ban him for a few games’.

“But then someone comes on the pitch and attacks a player and it’s ‘deduct points’. That shows you the issue.

“The powers that be have to act more severely and show people that these things won’t be tolerated. There are also so many more prominent people in the game who can have more of a say but choose not to, which is sometimes disappointing as well.”

Ferdinand believes it is time a prominent white player speaks out against racism.

“A lot of the time people who are racist may take more notice when somebody in a prominent position – a current or former player who is white, not black – stands there and says, ‘This is a disgrace’,” Ferdinand said.

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