‘Why is it so difficult to obtain a refund from Easylife?

'Why is it so difficult to obtain a refund from Easylife?

Some weeks ago I was phoned by a member of Easylife staff. She was sending me a grocery gift voucher for £10 and also a discount card, which would cost £69.99. I explained that I am 90 and have little use for a discount card and would prefer not to receive it.

However, a few days later, the card was delivered to my home. I sent it back immediately and wrote on the front of the envelope “card not requested”.

Last week, I received my bank statement which gave details of a payment to Easylife of £2.99. I phoned Easylife and was told it was to cover the cost of sending the card to me.

The woman to whom I spoke became quite patronising when I requested a refund. She said it would be “taken up” with head office, which would listen to the recording of the first phone call and I would be contacted in seven days. Two weeks later, I have not received any further communication.

Yvette Beaumont, Essex

I enclose a copy of the letter I received from Easylife about Easylife Supercard membership services. Now it seems I am liable for an annual payment of £69.99.

I can only think that Easylife accessed my details through some purchase made by me online, relating to my health needs. I am 78 years old and in very poor health.

Can you look into this please?

FM, Dorset

Realising that, were she to use the unwanted discount card, she would be committing herself to the annual £69.99 fee, Yvette Beaumont sent it back along with everything else she had been sent from Easylife. Doing this, though, led to Easylife debiting her account with £2.99. This infuriated her.

The letter from Easylife to FM concerned a 14-day trial that had allegedly been described to her in a phone conversation.

I suggested that both readers put in a subject access request to acquire a copy (either as a recording or in transcript form) of the original calls to see how this had happened. FM was told that, because she had been making a purchase through the order line, there had been no recording of the conversation. This, Easylife explains, is because she would be giving a card number over the phone.

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