why viewers love to see posh people committing crimes

why viewers love to see posh people committing crimes

Midsomer Murders is an enduring hit because it is fun to see upper middle class people kill one another, according to the show’s star.

Neil Dudgeon, who plays DCI John Barnaby, said there is a class divide when it comes to committing heinous crimes.

Explaining the success of the ITV show, which began in 1997 and has been sold to more than 200 countries, Dudgeon said: “People love the humour and eccentricity and, without being snobby, there’s something more sordid about working class people drinking, getting violent and killing each other in a terraced house.

“For the working classes, it’s a desperate act of necessity; with the upper classes, murder is more of a leisure activity.

“The majority of ordinary people like to see posh folk behaving badly. They are terribly polite and reserved and all those things, but one of them is going around garrotting people or slashing them to bits.”

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