Will Ferrell reminds us he’s still kind of a big deal

Will Ferrell reminds us he's still kind of a big deal

A Ron Burgundy podcast represents the convergence of a number of seemingly unstoppable trends in popular culture. One is the rise of podcasting, predicted to generate $650 million in global advertising revenue by next year. 

Another is the arguably flatlining big screen career of comedian Will Ferrell, whose recent two-hander with John C Reilly, Holmes and Watson, was a Reichenbach Falls-scale plunge into ignominy and among the worst reviewed films of 2018. 

But, to cadge a quip from Burgundy’s TV hack soulmate Alan Partridge, the Ron Burgundy Podcast represents a triumphant bouncing back. It delivers a shot of unadulterated Burgundian bliss sure to delight fans of the original 2004 newsman parody,…

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