‘Will I live to see my NS&I Premium Bonds cashed in?’ 

'Will I live to see my NS&I Premium Bonds cashed in?' 

My wife and I are both in our 90s. Sadly, she has advanced dementia.

I am her carer and have been diagnosed with three inoperable tumours. I am receiving chemotherapy to slow down the growth of the cancers.

I wish to put our affairs in order and to that end decided to cash in our Premium Bonds. I duly phoned NS&I and spoke to various people for more than two hours.

Only then did someone finally confirm that NS&I accepts that I have power of attorney over my wife’s holding and the bond money would be in our bank in three days.

Mine was, but my wife’s was not.  

That was more than six weeks ago. It still isn’t there. I phoned yet again and another man promised it would be in our bank again within three days. It was not.

I phoned asking to speak to a supervisor. An unidentified man came on the line, heard my story and promised the money would be in our bank two days on from then.

Again it was not. I phoned again to be told by NS&I that it did not have my holder’s number. It had not been asked for. This is seriously frustrating. Can you help?

BA, Hants

You were then told that NS&I was looking into this again and it would send a cheque in about four or five weeks. You explained that you might be dead by then. You report that he said sorry and then rang off.

Utterly fed up with being lied to and fobbed off by what you justifiably describe as “crass inefficiency” over three months, and having spent about five hours on the phone attempting to regain the money you wrote to me. Within an hour of my calling NS&I, the money was sent.

It has promised a £100 gesture of goodwill.

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