Will Theresa May win tonight’s Brexit vote? What MPs are saying about her deal now 

Will Theresa May win tonight's Brexit vote? What MPs are saying about her deal now 

MPs are beginning to air their views about Theresa May’s new and, according to her and her Cabinet, improved deal.

Last time the Commons passed judgement on her Brexit plan, she suffered a 230-vote defeat, so she will need to change a significant amount of minds in order to get her Withdrawal Agreement over the line.

There are 634 votes in play, which were split 202 in favour and 432 against on the last vote.

However, the Eurosceptic ERG, lead by Jacob Rees-Mogg, is reacting rather more warmly to the new proposed deal than they did last time – which isn’t saying much. Many Eurosceptics are reserving judgement until they have received legal advice on the deal.

Here is what MPs are saying about the deal now – this piece will be updated all day as more come out for or against.

Current declarations

Remember, this is just the MPs who have said in public today what they expect to vote later this evening. These numbers will be updated throughout the day.

For: 68

Against: 83

Undecided: 25

The ‘don’t knows’ on whom the deal depends

A great deal of Eurosceptics, as well as the DUP, have said they are waiting to receive legal advice from Geoffrey Cox about the changes to the backstop before deciding on their vote later tonight.

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