Wobbly, claustrophobic and not that thrilling… yet

Wobbly, claustrophobic and not that thrilling... yet

Last week’s kerfuffle over Churchill – John McDowell dubbed him a “villain”, Nicholas Soames dubbed McDowell a “Poundland Lenin” – was mainly demoralising. But at one TV company there must have been fist bumps and high fives. What better way to promote Traitors (Channel 4), a Second World War spy thriller that began with Britain going to the polls in 1945? “Churchill ran the war, Attlee ran England,” said Labour candidate Hugh Fenton (Luke Treadaway) in the first episode.

According to the script’s premise, our American allies were rather pinning their hopes on the status quo: a Labour administration gives them heebeegeebee fantasies about Reds in Britain’s bed. Thus bright young Tory toff Fiona…

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