YouTube bans dangerous and ’emotionally distressing’ pranks following string of controversies 

YouTube bans dangerous and 'emotionally distressing' pranks following string of controversies 

In the past YouTube has tried to discourage vloggers from attempting dangerous pranks by demonetising the videos.

However, it has failed to dissuade some on its platform who see such stunts as a way to gain viral fame, with some attempts leading to tragedy. 

Last year a 20-year-old woman from Minnesota was jailed for six months after she shot her boyfriend dead while attempting to show a thick book could stop a bullet from a high-calibre pistol.

The company has also struggled to suppress the spread of dangerous ‘challenges’ that have seen vloggers eating detergent capsules and setting fire to themselves.

YouTube was criticised earlier this month after another dangerous challenge sprung up which saw people recreating scenes from the Netflix film Bird Box.

The Sandra Bullock horror blockbuster shows people living blindfolded in a post-apocalyptic world to avoid a demonic spirit that kills people who make eye-contact with it.

In recent weeks, the YouTube Bird Box Challenge has seen people attempting to cook and drive blindfolded with one crash in the US being attributed to it.

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